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A system architecture solution for unreliable nanoelectronic devices
The shrinking of electronic devices will inevitably introduce a growing number of defects and even make these devices more sensitive to external influences. It is, therefore, likely that the emergingExpand
Toward hardware-redundant, fault-tolerant logic for nanoelectronics
This article provides an overview of several logic redundancy schemes, including von Neumann's multiplexing logic, N-tuple modular redundancy, and interwoven redundant logic. We discuss severalExpand
Socially assistive robots in elderly care: a systematic review into effects and effectiveness.
The objective of this review was to assess the published effects and effectiveness of robot interventions aiming at social assistance in elderly care, and reported positive effects of companion-type robots on (socio)psychological and physiological parameters. Expand
The distributed ASCI Supercomputer project
The paper gives a preview of the most interesting research results obtained so far in the DAS project. Expand
CPR: mixed task and data parallel scheduling for distributed systems
This paper presents a new compile-time heuristic, named Critical Path Reduction (CPR), for scheduling data-parallel task graphs, and experimental results show that CPR achieves higher speedup compared to other well-known existing scheduling algorithms, at the expense of some higher cost. Expand
Effectiveness of Robot Paro in Intramural Psychogeriatric Care: A Multicenter Quasi-Experimental Study.
Successful implementation of Paro in daily intramural psychogeriatric care practice can increase thequality of care and the quality of life for the elderly. Expand
Discovery of high-level tasks in the operating room
Preliminary results on a noise-free dataset of ten surgical procedures show that it is possible to recognize surgical high-level tasks with detection accuracies up to 90%. Expand
Skeletons in N dimensions using shape primitives
  • P. Jonker
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Pattern Recognit. Lett.
  • 1 April 2002
The formalism is expanded from two- to four-dimensional images and elaborates on the extension of 3D skeletonization to 4Dkeletonization. Expand
As if being there: mediated reality for crime scene investigation
The results show that the novel approach to remote spatial interaction with the physical scene enables investigators to tackle current issues on site in collaboration with experts at a distance. Expand
Comparison of extremum seeking control algorithms for robotic applications
The purpose of this paper is to help engineers and researches to choose among the extremum seeking control techniques for robotic applications such as object grasping, active object recognition and viewpoint optimization by proposing the usage of the approximation based methods when the noise level is negligible. Expand