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Temperature decreases in an urban canyon due to green walls and green roofs in diverse climates
This paper discusses the thermal effect of covering the building envelope with vegetation on the microclimate in the built environment, for various climates and urban canyon geometries. AExpand
Case study of zero energy house design in UK
Possible solutions for zero energy building design in UK are discussed in this paper. Simulation software (EnergyPlus and TRNSYS 16) are employed in this study, where EnergyPlus simulations areExpand
Developing a one-dimensional heat and mass transfer algorithm for describing the effect of green roofs on the built environment: Comparison with experimental results
This paper investigates the mathematical modelling of the effect of green roofs on mitigating raised urban temperatures. A dynamic, one-dimensional model is developed, describing heat and massExpand
An evaluation of outdoor and building environment cooling achieved through combination modification of trees with ground materials
This study focuses on the optimum cooling effect of trees with ground materials modification in mitigating the urban heat island (UHI) and the benefits towards building energy performance in tropicalExpand
Characterisation of Nature-Based Solutions for the Built Environment
Nature has provided humankind with food, fuel, and shelter throughout evolutionary history. However, in contemporary cities, many natural landscapes have become degraded and replaced with impermeableExpand
Planning for a sustainable city: an energy and environmental prediction model
The main aim of the energy and environmental prediction (EEP) model is to provide an auditing tool for quantifying energy use and emissions in cities to assist in planning for sustainableExpand
Modelling the built environment at an urban scale—Energy and health impacts in relation to housing
This paper describes the Energy and Environment Prediction (EEP) tool which was developed to model existing urban scale built environments, incorporating building energy use, traffic flow and health. Expand
Thermophysical properties of stabilised soil building blocks
The thermal conductivity of lime/cement stabilised hollow and plain earth blocks, produced from Sudanese soil with the Brepak Press, has been measured using the Guarded Hot Box method. The resultsExpand
A state of art review on the performance of transpired solar collector
Utilisation of solar radiation to heat air for various purposes, e.g. ventilation, pre heat, process air heat and their applications has attracted more and more interests. Wide range of applicationsExpand
Retrofitting existing housing: how far, how much?
The significance of retrofitting the existing housing stock is considered for the policy commitment of delivering an 80% CO 2 emission reduction by 2050. Background issues of energy, legislation,Expand