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Influence of volcanic eruptions on Northern Hemisphere summer temperature over the past 600 years
A network of temperature-sensitive tree-ring-density chronologies provides circum-hemisphere information on year-by-year changes in summer warmth in different regions of the northern boreal forest.
High-resolution palaeoclimatic records for the last millennium: interpretation, integration and comparison with General Circulation Model control-run temperatures
Palaeoclimatology provides our only means of assessing climatic variations before the beginning of instrumental records. The various proxy variables used, however, have a number of limitations which
The Evolution of Climate Over the Last Millennium
Present knowledge of changes in temperatures and two major circulation features—El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the North Atlantic Oscillations (NAO)—over much of the last 1000 years are reviewed, mainly on the basis of high-resolution paleoclimate records.
Reduced sensitivity of recent tree-growth to temperature at high northern latitudes
Tree-ring chronologies that represent annual changes in the density of wood formed during the late summer can provide a proxy for local summertime air temperature. Here we undertake an examination of
Assessment of urbanization effects in time series of surface air temperature over land
RECORDS of hemispheric average temperatures from land regions for the past 100 years provide crucial input to the debate over global warming1–4. Despite careful use of the basic station data in some
A daily weather generator for use in climate change studies
A 1,400-year tree-ring record of summer temperatures in Fennoscandia
Tree-ring data have been used to reconstruct the mean summer (April-August) temperature of northern Fennoscandia for each year from AD 500 to the present. Summer temperatures have fluctuated markedly
The Twentieth Century Reanalysis Project 3
G. P. Compo,a,b*J. S. Whitaker,b‡ P. D. Sardeshmukh,a,b N. Matsui,a,b R. J. Allan,c† X. Yin,d B. E. Gleason, Jr.,e‡ R. S. Vose,e‡ G. Rutledge,e‡ P. Bessemoulin,f S. Brönnimann,g,h M. Brunet,i,l R. I.
Trends of Extreme Temperatures in Europe and China Based on Daily Observations
Ten of the longest daily temperature series presently available in Europe and China are analysed, focusing on changes in extremes since pre-industrial times. We consider extremes in both a relative
Global Surface Air Temperature Variations During the Twentieth Century: Part 1, Spatial, Temporal and Seasonal Details
This paper is an up-to-date review of instrumentally-recorded, seasonal, surface temperature change across the land and marine regions of the world during the twentieth century. This is the first