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Dimerization of Bovine F1-ATPase by Binding the Inhibitor Protein, IF1 *
In mitochondria, the hydrolytic activity of ATP synthase is regulated by a natural inhibitor protein, IF1, and it is not known whether IF1 can bring about the dimerization of the F1F0-ATPase complex.
The synthesis of oligoribonucleotides containing O6-methylguanosine: the role of conserved guanosine residues in hammerhead ribozyme cleavage.
The results show that the three conserved G residues play crucial but different role sin hammerhead cleavage.
Why did nature select phosphate for its dominant roles in biology
A brief survey of the properties of oxyacids and their esters for other candidate elements for these vital roles fails to identify a suitable alternative to phosphorus, thereby underpinning Todd's Hypothesis “Where there’s life there's phosphorus” as a statement of truly universal validity.
Analytical Centrifugation: Looking at Aggregation in Free Solution
An increasingly common question in structural biology now is the state of aggregation of a protein or complex in solution. In other words, is it monomeric, or has it aggregated to form some oligomer