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What's new in lysozyme research?
SummaryThe present review is focused on the main achievements realized in the lysozyme research field since the meeting held in 1972 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of thisExpand
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Lysozymes : model enzymes in biochemistry and biology
From the discovery of lysozyme to the characterization of several lysozyme families.- Lysozyme: A model enzyme in protein chemistry.- Animal lysozymes c and g: An overview.- Discovery of severalExpand
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Phylogenetic Analysis of Invertebrate Lysozymes and the Evolution of Lysozyme Function
Abstract. We isolated and sequenced the cDNAs coding for lysozymes of six bivalve species. Alignment and phylogenetic analysis showed that, together with recently described bivalve lysozymes, theExpand
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What's new in chitinase research?
This review article deals with recent developments in molecular and physiological aspects of chitinases from plants, fungi, bacteria, insects and fishes.
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Casein peptide release and passage to the blood in humans during digestion of milk or yogurt.
In adult humans, after milk or yogurt ingestion, many peptides derived from alpha s1-, beta- or kappa-caseins were detected in stomach, including the kappa-caseinoglycopeptide, an inhibitor ofExpand
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Animal lysozymes c and g: an overview.
Amino acid sequences for 88 distinct lysozymes c, obtained from members of four vertebrate classes and two orders of insects, are summarized. A model for the relationships and origins of majorExpand
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Biologically active peptides from milk proteins with emphasis on two examples concerning antithrombotic and immunomodulating activities.
The present paper is devoted to the study of short peptides derived from milk proteins with physiological activities. Some of them behaved as opioids, enzyme inhibitors that convert angiotensin I,Expand
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Human lactotransferrin: amino acid sequence and structural comparisons with other transferrins.
The complete amino acid sequence (703 amino acid residues) of human lactotransferrin has been determined. The location of the disulfide bridges has also been investigated. Computer analysisExpand
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Chitin and chitinases.
Native, industrial and fossil chitins.- Chitin synthesis.- Biochemistry of chitin synthase.- Chitin biosynthesis and structural organizationin vivo.- Chitin synthases in yeast and fungi.- Function ofExpand
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Purification and characterization of two lysozymes from rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri).
1. Two different lysozymes, designated I and II, were purified from the kidney of rainbow trout. The enzymes had isoelectric points of approximately 9.5 and 9.65, and differed in their bindingExpand
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