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Food Habits and Food Selection of Chrysomelidae. Bionomic and Evolutionary Perspectives
So much has been written about the food-selection of Chrysomelidae and finally very little is actually known. Mostly in the Tropics, the observations are rather scanty and some areas like Madagascar
Novel aspects of the biology of Chrysomelidae
It seems that most of the modern host-plant associations were established, at least, in the late Mesozoic to early Cenozoic, and stasis seems to be the general rule of the chrysomelid fossil record.
Biology of Leaf Beetles
Eumolpinae – a widely distributed and much diversified subfamily of leaf beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)
A general review of Eumolpinae, a subfamily of Chrysomelidae, which is specially numerous and much diversifi ed in the tropics, with both the attributes declining northward.
Interrelationship between insects and plants
A Brief and Simple Review of Plant and Arthropod Relationships Sap Suckers Fruit Eaters Nectar Eaters Pollen and Spore Eaters Floral Feeding Chewers Carnivory in Phytophagous Insects Plant-Feeding
Leaf-mining chrysomelids
Biology of Chrysomelidae
Observa,,6es preliminares sobre as plantas hospedeiras das formas imaturas dos principais crisomelideos (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) qua ocorrem nos cacauais.