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Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Allelic Dropout and False Allele Error Rates From Microsatellite Genotypes in the Absence of Reference Data
The importance of quantifying and accounting for stochastic genotyping errors when analyzing microsatellite data is increasingly being recognized. This awareness is motivating the development of dataExpand
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Extension of Nakagawa & Schielzeth's R2GLMM to random slopes models
  • P. Johnson
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Methods in ecology and evolution
  • 23 July 2014
Nakagawa & Schielzeth extended the widely used goodness-of-fit statistic R2 to apply to generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs). However, their R2GLMM method is restricted to models with the simplestExpand
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Large-scale association analyses identify new loci influencing glycemic traits and provide insight into the underlying biological pathways
Through genome-wide association meta-analyses of up to 133,010 individuals of European ancestry without diabetes, including individuals newly genotyped using the Metabochip, we have increased theExpand
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A genome-wide approach accounting for body mass index identifies genetic variants influencing fasting glycemic traits and insulin resistance
Recent genome-wide association studies have described many loci implicated in type 2 diabetes (T2D) pathophysiology and β-cell dysfunction but have contributed little to the understanding of theExpand
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Oxygen gradients in the microcirculation.
As arterialized blood transits from the central circulation to the periphery, oxygen exits through the vessel walls driven by radial oxygen gradients that extend from the red blood cell column,Expand
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Microvascular and tissue oxygen gradients in the rat mesentery.
One of the most important functions of the blood circulation is O2 delivery to the tissue. This process occurs primarily in microvessels that also regulate blood flow and are the site of manyExpand
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The coefficient of determination R2 and intra-class correlation coefficient from generalized linear mixed-effects models revisited and expanded
The coefficient of determination R2 quantifies the proportion of variance explained by a statistical model and is an important summary statistic of biological interest. However, estimating R2 forExpand
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Temporal and spatial variations of cell-free layer width in arterioles.
Separation of red blood cells and plasma in microcirculatory vessels produces a cell-free layer at the wall. This layer may be an important determinant of blood viscosity and wall shear stress inExpand
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Effect of erythrocyte aggregation on velocity profiles in venules.
A recent whole organ study in cat skeletal muscle showed that the increase in venous resistance seen at reduced arterial pressures is nearly abolished when the muscle is perfused with aExpand
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Autoregulation of Blood Flow.
A UTOREGULATION of blood flow, the tenden/ \ cy for blood flow to remain constant despite A. \ . changes in arterial perfusion pressure, is a ubiquitous and much studied phenomenon. AutoregulationExpand
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