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The Impact of Workplace Support on Work-Family Role Strain
Work-family research has demonstrated that a significant proportion of employed parents experience some or a great deal of difficulty coordinating employment and family demands (see review byExpand
The Impact Of Financial Attitudes And Knowledge On Financial Management And Satisfaction Of Recently Married Individuals
Using a financial management model derived from the Deacon and Firebaugh Family Resource Management Model, this study examined the impact of financial attitudes and knowledge on financial managementExpand
Effects of Marriage and Children on Financial Risk Tolerance: A Synthesis of Family Development and Prospect Theory
Family development and prospect theory were used as a framework to predict variability in individuals' subjective financial risk tolerance within distinct family structures. Gender, age, and incomeExpand
Determinants of the Psychosocial Adjustment of Southern Sudanese Men
Our study examines the psychosocial adjustment of 164 Southern Sudanese men who are resettling in a western Canadian city. Special emphasis is placed on the role of financial and emotional strainExpand
The Struggle for Zimbabwe: The Chimurenga War
The first two parts deal w i th "Polit ical Forces" and "Polit ical Ideologies", and it is here that Gonidec fails to come to grips w i th his material. The problem is one of conceptualization,Expand
Financial Responsibility for the Family: The Case of Southeast Asian Refugees in Canada
Although respondents (n = 647) came from collectivist societies (Vietnam and Laos) where they were expected to provide for the family, they have been living in a setting (Canada) where individualismExpand
Saving Practices of New Canadians from Vietnam and Laos
This study is the first to focus on saving patterns of a growing group of newcomers to Canada--people of Asian origin who arrived as refugees. Data are from personal interviews with 649 Boat PeopleExpand
Ethnic Differences in Self-Employment among Southeast Asian Refugees in Canada [*]
With limited or non-transferable skills, lack of fluency in English, and the need to become self-supporting, refugees and immigrants historically have turned to ethnic entrepreneurship, resulting inExpand
Resources for coping with economic distress: The situation of unemployed Southeast Asian refugees
This paper focuses on identifying resources and demographic variables that might influence the amount of economic distress experienced by unemployed Southeast Asian refugees. Voydanoff conceptualizedExpand