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Analysing Public Policy
Book synopsis: An accessible review of the main approaches in the study of public policy, this text argues that most writers who seek to explain how policy varies and changes use one of the fiveExpand
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Professional Knowledge and Professional Practice
The idea of a profession collusion and conflict - teacher-state relations, 1850-1993 the issue of professional knowledge the issue of autonomy the issue of responsibility the implications for teacherExpand
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Is There Life After Policy Streams, Advocacy Coalitions, and Punctuations: Using Evolutionary Theory to Explain Policy Change?
This article reviews the current state of public policy theory to find out if researchers are ready to readdress the research agenda set by the classic works of Baumgartner and Jones (1993), KingdonExpand
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The Europeanisation of Sub-national Governance
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Exit, voice and loyalty: Analytic and empirical developments
This paper seeks to reconstruct and revitalize the famousHirschman framework by providing a comprehensivereview of the current use of `exit, voice and loyalty'. Webegin by critically examiningExpand
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A General Empirical Law of Public Budgets: A Comparative Analysis
We examine regularities and differences in public budgeting in comparative perspective. Budgets quantify collective political decisions made in response to incoming information, the preferences ofExpand
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Democracy and Government Performance: Holding Incumbents Accountable in English Local Governments*
The link between government performance and support for incumbents is a key mechanism of accountable government. We model the vote share of incumbent administrations in local government asExpand
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Nudge, Nudge, Think, Think: Experimenting with Ways to Change Civic Behaviour
In 2008, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein managed to get the attention of public policy makers with a behavioural change strategy that they referred to as ‘nudge’ – a term that has now become aExpand
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Active Citizenship and Effective Public Services and Programmes: How Can We Know What Really Works?
This paper is a review of the aims and practice of active citizenship in England. It sets out the key concepts and gives an account of the developing policy agenda in crime, regeneration and housing,Expand
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