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Campos Basin: Reservoir Characterization and Management - Historical Overview and Future Challenges
The first oil discovery in the Campos Basin dates from 1974, when the ninth well drilled found Albian carbonate reservoirs (Garoupa Field) under a water depth of 120 m. Oil production started onExpand
Unsupervised seismic facies analysis using wavelet transform and self-organizing maps
Unsupervised seismic facies analysis provides an effective way to estimate reservoir properties by combining different seismic attributes through pattern recognition algorithms. However, withoutExpand
4D seismic in a heavy-oil, turbidite reservoir offshore Brazil
The challenge of this deepwater 4D project was to acquire seismic data over 1520 km2 in a heavily obstructed oil field. Currently, the Marlim Complex (Marlim, Marlim Sul, Marlim Leste, and Voador oilExpand
3-D stochastic reservoir modeling constrained by well and seismic data on a turbidite field
A new methodology for 3-D stochastic reservoir modeling constrained by well and seismic data is applied to a pilot area, the Namorado turbidite giant oil field in the Campos basin. The stochasticExpand
Seismic interpretation of self-organizing maps using 2D color displays
Classification without supervision of patterns into groups is formally called clustering. Depending on the application area these patterns are called data lists, observations or vectors. ForExpand
Reservoir Geophysics: Seismic Pattern Recognition Applied to Ultra-Deepwater Oilfield in Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil
Usually, seismic data is used in a qualitative approach to detect changes in the waveform and to pick acoustic continuity of a peak and/or a through as a structural mapping tool. The seismicExpand
Wavelet transform Teager-Kaiser energy applied to a carbonate field in Brazil
Spectral decomposition has prov-en a powerful means to identify strong amplitude anomalies at specific frequencies that are otherwise buried in the broadband response. Partyka et al. (1999) showedExpand
Ultra-deepwater 4-C offshore Brazil
This paper is the case history of an ultra-deepwater 4-C seismic program, recently acquired in the Campos and Santos basins, offshore Brazil. All aspects of the program will be discussed, includingExpand