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Conservation biogeography: assessment and prospect
There is general agreement among scientists that biodiversity is under assault on a global basis and that species are being lost at a greatly enhanced rate. This article examines the role played byExpand
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Rewilding: Science, Practice, and Politics
Rewilding is being promoted as an ambitious alternative to current approaches to nature conservation. Interest is growing in popular and scientific literatures, and rewilding is the subject ofExpand
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Bird-keeping in Indonesia: conservation impacts and the potential for substitution-based conservation responses
Bird-keeping is an extremely popular pastime in Indonesia, where there is a thriving internal market in both wild-caught and captive-bred birds. However, little is known about whether the scale ofExpand
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Trends in detoxification enzymes and heavy metal accumulation in ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) inhabiting a gradient of pollution.
Non-specfic carboxylesterase and glutathione S-transferase activity was measured in the ground beetle, Pterosthicus oblongopunctatus (Coleoptera: Carabidae), from five sites along a gradient of heavyExpand
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The End for Indonesia's Lowland Forests?
Despite scientific consensus regarding the importance of the world's forests, the destruction of ecosystems and globally important biodiversity in some parts of the world increases without aExpand
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Governance and accountability of environmental NGOs
The issue of the governance and accountability of environmental non-government organisations (ENGOs) is gaining in prominence in academic and public discourse. Ideally each sector of society shouldExpand
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REDD+ and Forest Governance in Indonesia
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) represents the strategic linkage between a climate change regime and international forest policy. But the future success of REDD+Expand
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Values-led conservation
In international nature conservation policy, value-arguments based on science and economic rationalism increasingly overshadow the aesthetic and ethical arguments that originally inspired theExpand
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A rewilding agenda for Europe: creating a network of experimental reserves
In the context of aging European conservation institutions rewilding has emerged as a popular and scientific expression of new directions in ecology and conservation management associated with theExpand
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Histories of Protected Areas: Internationalisation of Conservationist Values and their Adoption in the Netherlands Indies (Indonesia)
National parks and wildlife sanctuaries are under threat both physically and as a social ideal in Indonesia following the collapse of the Suharto New Order regime (1967‐1998). Opinion-makers perceiveExpand
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