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The taxman tools up: An event history study of the introduction of the personal income tax
The introduction of income taxation was a landmark in the historical development of the fiscal state of the now developed world. This paper presents an event history study of the adoption of theExpand
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Tax structure, size of government, and the extension of the voting franchise in Western Europe, 1860–1938
We study the consequences of the extension of the voting franchise for the size of (central) government and for the tax structure in ten western European countries, 1860–1938. The main hypothesisExpand
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Workers of the World, Unite! Franchise Extensions and the Threat of Revolution in Europe, 1820-1938
This paper tests the hypothesis that the extension of the voting franchise was caused by the threat of revolution, as suggested by Acemoglu and Robinson [Quarterly Journal of Economics 115,Expand
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Poverty and Vote Buying: Survey-Based Evidence from Africa
Alongside the spread of democracy in the developing world, vote buying has emerged as an integral part of election campaigns. Yet, we know little about the causes of vote buying in young democracies.Expand
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Democratization and the size of government: evidence from the long 19th century
We study the consequences of franchise extension and ballot reform for the size of government in Western Europe between 1820 and 1913. We find that franchise extension exhibits a U-shaped associationExpand
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Substandard and Falsified Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs: A Preliminary Field Analysis
SETTING Pharmacies in 19 cities in Angola, Brazil, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India (n = 3), Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, UnitedExpand
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The Employment Effects of Active Social Policy
We analyse the effects of active social policy (ASP) on the dynamics of welfare dependence. We evaluate the impact of various ASP measures (employment and training) on the duration of welfare spellsExpand
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Modern gender roles and agricultural history: the Neolithic inheritance
This research proposes the hypothesis that societies with long histories of agriculture have less equality in gender roles as a consequence of more patriarchal values and beliefs regarding the properExpand
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How Much Did China's WTO Accession Increase Economic Growth in Resource-Rich Countries?
This Working Document provides an estimate of China’s impact on the growth rate of resource-rich countries since its WTO accession in December 2001. The authors’ empirical approach follows the logicExpand
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The heavy plow and the agricultural revolution in Medieval Europe
This research sheds new light on the much-debated link between agricultural productivity and development. We do so by estimating the causal impact of a large shock to agricultural productivity—theExpand
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