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The Interpretation of the Variations in Leaf Water Potential and Stomatal Conductance Found in Canopies in the Field
  • P. Jarvis
  • Environmental Science
  • 26 February 1976
Attempts to correlate values of stomatal conductance and leaf water potential with particular environmental variables in the field are generally of only limited success because they are
Annual variation in soil respiration and its components in a coppice oak forest in Central Italy
In order to investigate the annual variation of soil respiration and its components in relation to seasonal changes in soil temperature and soil moisture in a Mediterranean mixed oak forest
Respiration as the main determinant of carbon balance in European forests
Data of net ecosystem carbon exchange, collected between 1996 and 1998 from 15 European forests, confirm that many European forest ecosystems act as carbon sinks and indicate that, in general, ecosystem respiration determines netcosystem carbon exchange.
The carbon balance of tropical, temperate and boreal forests
Forest biomes are major reserves for terrestrial carbon, and major components of global primary productivity. The carbon balance of forests is determined by a number of component processes of carbon
Productivity overshadows temperature in determining soil and ecosystem respiration across European forests
This paper presents CO2 flux data from 18 forest ecosystems, studied in the European Union funded EUROFLUX project. Overall, mean annual gross primary productivity (GPP, the total amount of carbon
Productivity of temperate de-ciduous and evergreen forests
For the purposes of this discussion, temperate forest is regarded as occurring in broad latitudinal bands between the taiga towards the poles and the mediterranean flora towards the equator. Within