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Tracking and surface discharge at the oilߝpressboard interface
A different approach to the study of surface tracking reveals a new view of the oil-pressboard interface and suggests a link between the electric double layer and the boundary layer.
The Influence of Modeling Transformer Age Related Failures on System Reliability
The paper investigates the effect of age related failure of power transformers on the identification of most critical transformer sites for system reliability. The end-of-life failure model of powerExpand
Creepage discharge on insulation barriers in aged power transformers
This paper presents experimental research of creepage discharge on insulation barriers in power transformers. Using point-to-plate electrode configurations under AC voltages creepage discharge isExpand
Winding movement in power transformers: a comparison of FRA measurement connection methods
Frequency response analysis (FRA) is an effective diagnostic tool for detecting transformer winding movements. Various FRA traces can be measured from a set of transformer winding terminals each ofExpand
Space charge behavior in oil gap and impregnated pressboard combined system under HVDC stresses
The reliability of oil-pressboard insulation system used in high voltage direct current (HVDC) convertor transformers can be affected by the presence of space charge. In this paper, the space chargeExpand
Discussion on possible additions to IEC 60897 and IEC 61294 for insulating liquid tests
IEC 60897 (determination of lightning impulse breakdown voltage, LIBV) and IEC 61294 (determination of partial discharge inception voltage, PDIV) are designed with the purpose of evaluatingExpand
Data Requisites for Transformer Statistical Lifetime Modelling—Part II: Combination of Random and Aging-Related Failures
Statistical lifetime modeling is of importance for replacement management of aged power transformers. Survival data are recognized as important as failure data in improving the accuracy level of theExpand
Non-destructive measurement of the degradation of transformer insulating paper
With a single TRANSPEC system, non-destructive in-situ analysis of the DP of insulating paper is possible, providing a rapid cost-effective method for transformer insulation condition assessment and monitoring, which correlates well with current destructive methods. Expand
Space charge behavior in thick oil-impregnated pressboard under HVDC stresses
The space charge accumulation can affect the dielectric performance of oil-impregnated pressboard in convertor transformers. In this paper, the space charge behaviour in 1mm thick impregnatedExpand
Approximation and Prediction of AC Magnetization Curves for Power Transformer Core Analysis
Based on the latest experimental results of two different modern graded grain-oriented electrical steels measured up to 2 T under ac, the existing 10 popular analytical approximation functions for acExpand