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Multi-factor Authentication Framework for Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a new paradigm to deliver services over the Internet. Data Security is the most critical issues in a cloud computing environment. Authentication is a key technology for informationExpand
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Spline finite difference methods for singular two point boundary value problems
SummaryIn this paper we discuss the construction of a spline function for a class of singular two-point boundary value problemx−α(xαu′)=f (x, u),u(0)=A,u(1)=B, 0<α<1 or α=1,2. The boundary conditionsExpand
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Defending against internet worms using honeyfarm
With new worms appearing at fast pace off late, conventional classification and defense techniques are not adequate to cover wide spectrum of recent worm attacks like stuxnet (2010), morto (JuneExpand
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Finite difference methods for a class of singular two-point boundary-value problems
Three point difference methods, of orders four and six, for the singular two-point boundary-value problem: are derived . The O(h 4) and O(h 6)convergence of the methods is illustrated with the helpExpand
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Dynamic Trust Based Access Control Framework for Securing Multi-Cloud Environment
Cloud Computing are used to deliver services from share pool of computing resources. These resources are provided to the user using the internet. It has advantage over traditional computing servicesExpand
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Correlation of foot bimalleolar angle with Pirani score to assess the severity of congenital talipes equinovarus deformity
Various reported scores for congenital talipes equinovarus are presented with observer variations and lack in objective evidence of severity of deformity. Anteromedial foot bimalleolar angle (FBM),Expand
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Fragile Watermarking for Image Authentication: Survey
In this paper, we report results from comparative study on various related and relevant aspects of the digital watermarking such as image authenticati on techniques using fragile watermarking, fuzzyExpand
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Data Management System to Improve Security and Availability in Cloud Storage
One of the primary usage of cloud computing is data storage. Cloud provides enormous capacity of storage for cloud users. Secure data storage and retrieval of the relevant information from the inExpand
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Effect of sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass on diabetic control in Indore, India
Background: Individual with morbid obesity and type 2 diabetes benefits from weight loss, as this allows better glycemic control and modifies the coexisting risk factors for coronary heart disease,Expand
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Nosocomial Jejunal Mucormycosis - an Unusual Cause of Perforation Peritonitis
Mucormycosis is a rare but highly invasive opportunistic fungal infection. Gastrointestinal disease although uncommon is highly fatal. We report a case of jejunal mucormycosis in a 24 year oldExpand
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