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Security Sector Reform and State Building
Abstract This article argues that there is a close link between security sector reform (ssr) and state building. Focusing on UK approaches to state building and ssr, it argues that these are anExpand
Chiefs, money and politicians: rebuilding local government in post‐war Sierra Leone
There has been very little written about the interaction between the different elements of local government in Sierra Leone, finance and the diamond trade. This article draws on recent work in SierraExpand
Reshuffling an Old Deck of Cards? The politics of local government reform in Sierra Leone
This article examines the relationship between chiefdom authority and decentralization in post-war Sierra Leone. The chieftaincy has been in crisis for some time and is widely thought to beExpand
The EDL: Britain’s 'New Far Right' social movement
Ten Challenges for Introducing Web-Supported Learning to Overseas Students in the Social sciences
This article documents the experiences of a group of MBA students undertaking one module within the School of Public Policy, University of Birmingham. At a university level, teachers are being askedExpand
The March of the Lord's Resistance Army: Greed or Grievance in Northern Uganda?
This article addresses the form and nature of an insurgency in Northern Uganda that has been active since the mid-1980s. The insurgency movement itself grew out of an internal breakdown in securityExpand
The co-production of value in digital, university-industry R&D collaborative projects
In the context of R&D collaborations between universities and industry, this study investigates the co-production process and the contextual elements that shape it. We develop a conceptual frameworkExpand
SSR and post-conflict reconstruction: armed wing of state-building?
This paper directly challenges some of the popular SSR mythology that has grown around the UK’s involvement in Sierra Leone and the subsequent policy developments associated with SSR. It raisesExpand
Business Development in Asia and Africa: The Role of Government Agencies
Preface The Policy Environment for Industry Entrepreneurs and Institutions Adjustment and Manufacturing: The Structure of Entrepreneurship The Structure of Business Support Systems Promotion,Expand
2083 – A European Declaration of Independence: a licence to kill