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High-resolution polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of fluorophore-labeled reducing saccharides.
  • P. Jackson
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Methods in enzymology
  • 1994
Publisher Summary The polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE), which has become the standard and ubiquitous method for the analytical separation of large molecules such as proteins and for DNAExpand
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Imaging attributes of railway track formation and ballast using ground probing radar
Trial pitting and portable ballast samplers currently provide one means of assessing and monitoring the composition of railway track formations. A technique has been sought in which the lateralExpand
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The application of time-lapse azimuthal apparent resistivity measurements for the prediction of coastal cliff failure
Abstract The erosion of coastal cliffs is inevitable. The resultant cliff collapses are a hazard, a problem for coastal land use planners and limit the use of the coastline as an amenity. There hasExpand
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The Physics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI is an acronym for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI is used in radiology and it is one of the scanning technologies where magnetism, radio waves and a computer are used to take the total image ofExpand
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Analysis of the dynamic Bacillus subtilis Ser/Thr/Tyr phosphoproteome implicated in a wide variety of cellular processes
The physiological role of proteins phosphorylated on serine/threonine/tyrosine (Ser/Thr/Tyr) residues or the identity of the corresponding kinases and phosphatases is generally poorly understood inExpand
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Fluorine-19 CRAMPS and its application to the solid-state spectrum of perfluoronaphthalene
Abstract The value of the CRAMPS technique for observation of 19 F NMR spectra of solids in high resolution is discussed and experimental methods are detailed. Spectra of perfluoronaphthalene showExpand
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Applying mu -synthesis to missile autopilot design
  • P. Jackson
  • Engineering
  • 29th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
  • 5 December 1990
mu -synthesis combines the structured singular value and H/sub infinity / control to design compensators for plants with structured uncertainty. Expand
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Electrical resistivity monitoring of a collapsing meta-stable soil
Amodel of electrical conduction through clay-coated, silt-sized quartz-grains inter-connected by clay-bridges (e.g. brickearth) is developed. Underpinned by SEM studies of brickearth, the modelExpand
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Two- and three-dimensional heterogeneity in carbonate sediments using resistivity imaging
Abstract Volume heterogeneity was investigated in carbonate sediments using fine-scale electrical resistivity data, which are sensitive to porosity and to sediment macrostructure and microstructure.Expand
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