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Comparison of several spatial prediction methods for soil pH
SUMMARY A survey of topsoil pH has been designed specifically to compare the performance of several two-dimensional spatial prediction methods. These methods have been classified as global orExpand
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Estimating the mean length of discontinuity traces
Abstract A technique is proposed for estimating the mean trace length of discontinuities observed in mine drive walls. The method is distribution-free, i.e. independent of the assumed functional formExpand
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Development of an implicit method with numerical dissipation from a generalized ingle-step algorithm for structural dynamics
Abstract A new generalized algorithm in the class of single-step time marching schemes is developed for the solution of the dynamic equation of motion. The algorithm has six independent parametersExpand
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An Australian test for decay in painted timbers exposed to the weather for a total of 6 years
Timber panels consisting of seven untreated timber species and two species ( Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus regnans ) treated with copper-chrome-arsenic (CCA) were assessed after exposure above groundExpand
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Practical performance of the θ 1 -method and comparison with other dissipative algorithms in structural dynamics
Abstract A single-step time marching scheme, the θ 1 - method , is presented. The method leads to an unconditionally stable implicit algorithm with controllable numerical dissipation. A comparisonExpand
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Analysis of frame buckling without sidesway classification
The effective buckling length of a column in a steel frame depends on the sidesway of the frame. The classification sidesway - no sidesway of a frame depends on all members of the frame and is madeExpand
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Response of the european elm bark beetle,Scolytus multistriatus, to host bacterial isolates
The response of the European elm bark beetle,Scolytus multistriatus, to host bacterial isolates was studied qualitatively under field conditions. Initial experiments indicated that such isolates wereExpand
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Geometrically nonlinear analysis of plane trusses and frames
CITATION: Galishnikova, V., Dunaiski, P. & Pahl, P.J. 2009. Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Plane Trusses and Frames. Stellenbosch: SUN MeDIA. doi:10.18820/9781920109998.
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A statistical assessment of the relationship between terrain classes and engineering soil test data
In an attempt to prove the validity of the principles of terrain evaluation, two areas at albury - wodonga have been sampled using a statistically designed system. Soil samples taken have been testedExpand
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