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Three-dimensional relativistic simulations of rotating neutron-star collapse to a Kerr black hole
We present a new three-dimensional fully general-relativistic hydrodynamics code using high-resolution shock-capturing techniques and a conformal traceless formulation of the Einstein equations.Expand
Gravitational waves from the Papaloizou-Pringle instability in black-hole-torus systems.
Black hole (BH)-torus systems are promising candidates for the central engine of γ-ray bursts (GRBs), and also possible outcomes of the collapse of supermassive stars to supermassive black holesExpand
Dynamics of oscillating relativistic tori around Kerr black holes
We present a comprehensive numerical study of the dynamics of relativistic axisymmetric accretion tori with a power-law distribution of specific angular momentum orbiting in the background space‐timeExpand
Relativistic collapse and explosion of rotating supermassive stars with thermonuclear effects
We present results of general relativistic simulations of collapsing supermassive stars with and without rotation using the two-dimensional general relativistic numerical code Nada, which solves theExpand
Papaloizou-Pringle instability suppression by the magnetorotational instability in relativistic accretion discs
Geometrically thick tori with constant specific angular momentum have been widely used in the last decades to construct numerical models of accretion flows onto black holes. Such discs are prone to aExpand
A new three-dimensional general-relativistic hydrodynamics code
We present a new three-dimensional general relativistic hydrodynamics code, the Whisky code. This code incorporates the expertise developed over the past years in the numerical solution of EinsteinExpand
Collapse of nonlinear gravitational waves in moving-puncture coordinates
We study numerical evolutions of nonlinear gravitational waves in moving-puncture coordinates. We adopt two different types of initial data\char22{}Brill and Teukolsky waves\char22{}and evolve themExpand
Oscillations of vertically integrated relativistic tori – II. Axisymmetric modes in a Kerr space–time
This is the second in a series of papers investigating the oscillation properties of relativistic, non-self-gravitating tori orbiting around black holes. Extending the work done in a SchwarzschildExpand
Influence of self-gravity on the runaway instability of black-hole-torus systems.
Results from the first fully general relativistic numerical simulations in axisymmetry of a system formed by a black hole surrounded by a self-gravitating torus in equilibrium are presented, aimingExpand
Explosion and Final State of an Unstable Reissner-Nordström Black Hole.
A Reissner-Nordström black hole (BH) is superradiantly unstable against spherical perturbations of a charged scalar field enclosed in a cavity, with a frequency lower than a critical value. We useExpand