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Gas analysis by gas chromatography
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Separation, Identification and Determination of the Fatty Acids of Montan Wax
CRUDE montan wax is essentially a mixture of the esters of long-chain carboxylic acids, with free acids, resin and asphalt1. Much of the work devoted to a study of the wax acids prior to 1930 isExpand
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Composition of Montan Wax
IN a previous communication1 we described the separation, identification and determination of the methyl esters of the long-chain fatty acids present in montan wax. This work was afterwards confirmedExpand
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Measurement of Adsorption Isotherms by a Gas Chromatographic Technique
RECENT developments in the field of gas chromatography have included the measurement of gas–solid adsorption isotherms from the retention data1–3. A peak obtained from a single injection is used toExpand
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Detection of Nitric Oxide by Gas-chromatography
IN an investigation on the feasibility of using gas-chromatographic methods to determine the oxides of nitrogen in gaseous mixtures such as Diesel exhaust gases, we have successfully used a standardExpand
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Analysis of Commercially Available Fatty Acids
THE introduction of polyethylene glycol adipate as a stationary phase in gas/liquid chromatography has made possible the separation and identification of the long-chain fatty acids present in suchExpand
Determination of Hydrogen in Gaseous Mixtures by Gas-Chromatography
IN the analysis of gaseous mixtures by gas-solid chromatography using hot-wire or thermistor detectors, it is usual to reduce the signal to the recorder, when necessary, by an attenuating system inExpand
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