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correction: Deepwater variability in the Holocene epoch
This corrects the article DOI: 10.1038/422277b
Activity patterns and temporal avoidance by prey in response to Sunda clouded leopard predation risk
Little is known about the activity patterns of Bornean ungulates, or the temporal interactions of these species with the Sunda clouded leopard Neofelis diardi. In this study, we use photographicExpand
You are what your mother eats: evidence for maternal preconception diet influencing foetal sex in humans
Facultative adjustment of sex ratios by mothers occurs in some animals, and has been linked to resource availability. In mammals, the search for consistent patterns is complicated by variations inExpand
Faunal loss from bushmeat hunting: empirical evidence and policy implications in Bioko Island.
Abstract Bushmeat market data can be used to detect hunting sustainability by using proxies such as decline in sale volume and price increases over time. Here, we explore these proxies for the MalaboExpand
The distribution of Eurasian badger, Meles meles, setts in a high‐density area: field observations contradict the sett dispersion hypothesis
Are setts significant determinants of badger socio-spatial organisation, and do suitable sett sites represent a limited resource, potentially affecting badger distributions? The factors determiningExpand
Reproductive skew and relatedness in social groups of European badgers, Meles meles
Reproductive skew is a measure of the proportion of individuals of each sex that breed in a group and is a valuable measure for understanding the evolution and maintenance of sociality. Here, weExpand
Male-biased Movement in a High-density Population of the Eurasian Badger (Meles meles)
Abstract We investigated movement patterns in a high-density population of Eurasian badgers (Meles meles) to explore how the costs and benefits of dispersal and other forms of movement differed amongExpand
The effects of organic farming on pest and non-pest butterfly abundance
Butterfly transects were conducted on eight pairs of organic and conventional farms in the UK in 1994, and ten pairs of farms in 1995. Each transect included areas of conventional and organicExpand
Linkages between household wealth, bushmeat and other animal protein consumption are not invariant: Evidence from Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea
Bushmeat consumption is affected by household wealth. However, how household wealth impacts bushmeat eaten in different environmental and social settings (i.e. whether urban, rural, coastal orExpand
Can niche use in red and grey squirrels offer clues for their apparent coexistence
Summary 1. Introduced species are, world-wide, one of the most serious threats to biodiversity. Grey squirrels Sciurus carolinensis are one of many introduced species to have threatened a nativeExpand