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Characterization of Monoolein-Based Lipoplexes Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Lipoplexes are commonly used as delivery systems in vitro and in vivo, the role of a neutral lipid as helper being of extreme importance in these systems. Cationic liposomes composed ofExpand
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Nile Red and DCM Fluorescence Anisotropy Studies in C12E7/DPPC Mixed Systems
The lipid/surfactant mixed interactions between the lipid dipalmitoylphosphatydilcholine (DPPC) and the nonionic surfactant C12E7 (C12H25(OCH2CH2)7OH) were studied by the use of fluorescenceExpand
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DODAB:monoolein-based lipoplexes as non-viral vectors for transfection of mammalian cells.
DNA/Cationic liposome complexes (lipoplexes) have been widely used as non-viral vectors for transfection. Neutral lipids in liposomal formulation are determinant for transfection efficiency usingExpand
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Tunable pDNA/DODAB:MO lipoplexes: the effect of incubation temperature on pDNA/DODAB:MO lipoplexes structure and transfection efficiency.
Dioctadecyldimethylammonium bromide (DODAB):1-monooleoyl-rac-glycerol (MO) cationic liposomes were reported as a promising alternative to common transfection agents, showing superior effectiveness onExpand
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Characterization of mixed DODAB/monoolein aggregates using Nile Red as a solvatochromic and anisotropy fluorescent probe
Abstract The aim of this study was to get a further knowledge of the interactions between lamellar and non-lamellar forming-phospholipids, as a tool to better understand the membrane dynamics andExpand
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Lipid interaction with textile fibres in dyeing conditions
There is an increasing interest in the textile industry in eco-friendly textile processing, in which the use of naturally occurring materials such as phospholipids becomes important. In previous workExpand
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Domain Formation in DODAB–Cholesterol Mixed Systems Monitored via Nile Red Anisotropy
The effect of the cholesterol (ch) on liposomes composed of the cationic lipid dioctadecyldimethylammonium bromide (DODAB) was assessed by studying both the steady-state and time-resolvedExpand
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Structural dynamics and physicochemical properties of pDNA/DODAB:MO lipoplexes: effect of pH and anionic lipids in inverted non-lamellar phases versus lamellar phases.
Dioctadecyldimethylammonium bromide (DODAB):Monoolein (MO) lipoplexes have mainly been studied within the range of high molar ratios of DODAB, with noticeable transfection efficiencies in the HumanExpand
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Magnetoliposomes based on manganese ferrite nanoparticles as nanocarriers for antitumor drugs
Manganese ferrite nanoparticles with a size distribution of 26 ± 7 nm (from TEM measurements) were synthesized by the coprecipitation method. The obtained nanoparticles exhibit a superparamagneticExpand
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Magnetic liposomes based on nickel ferrite nanoparticles for biomedical applications.
Nickel ferrite nanoparticles with superparamagnetic behavior at room temperature were synthesized using a coprecipitation method. These magnetic nanoparticles were either covered with a lipidExpand
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