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Podocarpus lawrencei (Hook. f.): Population structure and fire history at Goonmirk Rocks, Victoria
Podocarpus lawrencei is a native conifer which normally occurs as a shrub in alpine, and less often in sub-alpine, communities in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. A disjunct and unusualExpand
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Anodopetalum biglandulosum: Growth form and abundance in Tasmanian rainforest
Anodopetalum biglandulosum grows in a variety of habits in Tasmanian rainforest. Forty-eight stands were classified to produce a typology of growth forms for the species. The species has aExpand
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Phyllocladus aspleniifolius (Labill.) Hook. f. and Anodopetalum biglandulosum (A. Cunn.) ex Endl. : a comparative autecology of coexisting wet forest trees in Tasmania
This thesis describes and compares the autecology of two coexisting wet forest trees. It demonstrates temporal, spatial and biological differentiation of the reproduction, regeneration and growthExpand
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Characterization of spin adducts obtained with hydrophobic nitrone spin traps
Several 5-alkyl-3,3,5-trimethylpyrroline 1-oxides have been prepared and their ability to trap a number of radicals has been investigated. In each case the addition to the nitrone is stereospecificExpand
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Impact of Gemifloxacin on the Normal Human Intestinal Microflora
Abstract Gemifloxacin is a new fluoroquinolone that has been shown to possess a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms includingExpand
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The photolysis of cyclopentadienyl compounds of tin and mercury. Electron spin resonance spectra and electronic configuration of the cyclopentadienyl, deuteriocyclopentadienyl, and
Cyclopentadienyl derivatives of tin(IV) and mercury(II) and alkylcyclopentadienyl derivatives of mercury(II) are photolysed in solution to show the e.s.r. spectra of the appropriate radicals RC5H4·(RExpand
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E.s.r. identification of alkoxythiocarbonyl radicals as possible intermediates in barton deoxygenation of alcohols
O-Alkyl S-methyl dithiocarbonates react with trimethyltin radicals to afford alkoxythiocarbonyl radicals which undergo slow β-fission to alkyl radicals and carbon Oxysulphide.
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Spin trapping of cyclopentadienyl radicals using nitroso compounds and nitrones
Cyclopentadienyl radicals C5H4X˙(X = H or Me) generated in various solvents either chemically or photochemically from Hg(C5H4X)2 have been trapped using nitrosodurene (ND), pheny(t-butyl)nitroneExpand
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Phyllocladus aspleniifolius: Variability in the Population Structure, the Regeneration Niche and Dispersion Patterns in Tasmanian Forests
This study aimed to determine the range of the regeneration niches of Phyllocladus aspleniifolius (Podocarpaceae) in terms of differential microsite occupation, population structure and dispersionExpand
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Reversible coupling of a substituted allylic radical with molecular oxygen in a toco reaction of 5-methylhepta-1,3,6-triene
Abstract p-Toluenethiol/oxygen co-oxidation of 5-methylhepta-1,3,6-triene ( 1 ) gives inter alia only one ( 6 a) of four possible diastereoisomeric dioxolanes, and the threo- and erythro- isomers ofExpand
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