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Air-water and ether-water distribution of N-nitroso compounds: implications for laboratory safety, analytic methodology, and carcinogenicity for the rat esophagus, nose, and liver.
The air-water distribution ratio K1, ether-water distribution ratio K2, and solubility in water were measured for 17 nitrosamines, 3 nitrosamides, and 1 nitrosocyanamide. For K1, air was analysedExpand
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Identification of p-hydrazinobenzoic acid in the commercial mushroom Agaricus bisporus
Isolement, identification, par spectrometrie de masse et dosage par chromatographie en phase liquide, de cet acide qui est considere comme un precurseur de l'agaritine
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Methods are presented for determination of certain volatile nitrosamines which have been reported to occur in foods. Nitrosamines were removed from foods using a Likens-Nickerson extractor; 60% ofExpand
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Dihydroxyphenylalanine in Rat Food Containing Wheat and Oats
Dopa has been identified in rat food by three different fluorimetric assays and paper chromatography. Incubation of the rat food with proteolytic enzymes dramatically increased the measurable freeExpand
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The nitrosating agent in mice exposed to nitrogen dioxide: improved extraction method and localization in the skin.
We reported previously that mice exposed to atmospheric NO2 contained a nitrosating agent (NSA) that reacted with morpholine in aqueous methanol homogenates of the mice to give N-nitrosomorpholine.Expand
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l-Leucine as a precursor of isoamyl alcohol and isoamyl acetate, volatile aroma constituents of banana fruit discs
Abstract Incubation of ripe banana tissue discs resulted in biological conversion of l -leucine-U-14C to volatile constituents. A large proportion (up to 81 per cent) of the volatile radioactivityExpand
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N‐nitrosamines in foods
N‐nitrosamines are an extremely hazardous class of compounds. The possibility of the occurrence of these compounds in our food and in other environmental situations has caused concern over the pastExpand
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