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Annual variations of physical properties of desert dust over Israel
[1] The annual variation of the desert dust aerosol loading above the eastern Mediterranean is studied. Three periods are identified, March–May, July–August, and September–November, for which theExpand
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Clinical Cosmobiology - Sudden Cardiac Death and Daily / Monthly Geomagnetic, Cosmic Ray and Solar Activity - the Baku Study (2003-2005)
Part of results of collaborative studies for revealing an influence of the periodical changes of solar, geomagnetic and cosmic ray activities on the sudden cardiac death (SCD) mortality is describedExpand
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Desert aerosol transport in the Mediterranean region as inferred from the TOMS aerosol index
[1] We proposed to identify the sources of desert dust aerosols with local maxima of the TOMS aerosol index distribution averaged for the long period. Being simpler than the approach based on a dustyExpand
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Acute myocardial infarction occurrence: environmental links - Baku 2003-2005 data.
BACKGROUND Despite substantial progress in modern preventive and clinical cardiology, acute myocardial infarction (AMI) remains a central acute cardiac event. The aim of this study was to check theExpand
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Predominant transport paths of Saharan dust over the Mediterranean Sea to Europe
[1] We use monthly data of aerosol optical thickness (AOT) from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on board the seven NASA Terra and Aqua satellites for a 10 year period (2001–2010) inExpand
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Detection of dust plumes and their sources in northeastern Libya
The common source area of long and narrow dust plumes that emanate frequently from an area southeast of Benghazi in Libya is identified by computerized image analysis. Four examples are shown inExpand
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New observations of sprites from the space shuttle
[1] We present the results of space-based observations of sprites obtained during the Mediterranean Israeli Dust Experiment (MEIDEX) sprite campaign conducted on board the space shuttle ColumbiaExpand
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The induced magnetosphere of comet Halley: 4. Comparison of in situ observations and numerical simulations
A comprehensive comparison between the results of a multiscale three-dimensional adaptive MHD model of the comet Halley magnetosphere and in situ observations by the Giotto mission is presented. ItExpand
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In Women Myocardial Infarction Occurrence is Much Stronger Related to Environmental Physical Activity than in Men - a Gender or an Advanced Age Effect?
Background: Despite continuous effect of the recognised risk factors time distribution of acute coronary events differs. Environmental influences are a long time investigated as possible triggers ofExpand
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Interaction of the Saturnian magnetosphere with Titan: Results of a three‐dimensional MHD simulation
The results of our three-dimensional multiscale magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) model describing the interaction of Saturn's magnetosphere with Titan's upper atmosphere and exosphere are presented. TheExpand
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