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Questioning as an Epistemic Process of Critical Thinking
The idea of questioning one’s idea is regarded by many as an affront. This attitude towards questioning suggests that it is rude, especially when it is persistent. Questioning is considered a way ofExpand
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Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking Abilities as Outcomes in an Informal Logic Course
I provide a theoretical framework to show that courses in informal logic can be taught developmentally to focus on a critical thinking practical component. However, efforts must be made to stateExpand
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Conceptualizing Racism and Its Subtle Forms
Many people are talking about being in a post-racial era, which implies that we have overcome race and racism. Their argument is based on the fact that manyof the virulent manifestations of racismExpand
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Traditional African Environmental Ethics and Colonial Legacy
Concerns have been raised about environmental problems in Africa. I argue that these environmental problems did not exist prior to colonialism because traditional Africans had conservationist values,Expand
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Good and Beautiful: A Moral-Aesthetic View of Personhood in African Communal Traditions
I articulate an African view of personhood that combines beauty and goodness–aesthetic and moral features. I discuss the idea of communalism, which provides the social and moral values and beliefExpand
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On the Theoretical Unification and Nature of Fallacies
I argue in a non-reductive sense for a plausible epistemic principle, which can (1) theoretically and instrumentally unify or systematize all fallacies, and (2) provide a justification for using suchExpand
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The Idea of Personhood in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
In this paper, I explore the African normative idea of personhood as a philosophical theme in Things Fall Apart.^ I do this in the context of communalism, which involves the mutual dependence betweenExpand
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The Parochial Universalist Conception of `Philosophy' and `African Philosophy'.
In the past three decades, philosophers-especially African-born who are trained in Western philosophy-have engaged in a metaphilosophical debate over whether there exists an African philosophy and,Expand
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Analyse du phenomene de sorcellerie qu'A. Appiah inscrit dans le domaine de la philosophie populaire africaine, par opposition a la philosophie formelle occidentale. Examinant les fondementsExpand
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Conceptualizing and Theorizing About the Idea of a “Post‐Racial” Era
I critically examine the eliminativist theories of race or racism, and the behavioral theory of racism, which provide the theoretical foundation, respectively, for the nominalist and substantiveExpand
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