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A sliding mode controller for vehicle active suspension systems with non-linearities
Abstract In this paper, the control of an active suspension system using a quarter car model has been investigated. Due to the presence of non-linearities such as a hardening spring, a quadraticExpand
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Acoustic streaming induced by ultrasonic flexural vibrations and associated enhancement of convective heat transfer.
Acoustic streaming induced by ultrasonic flexural vibrations and the associated convection enhancement are investigated. Acoustic streaming pattern, streaming velocity, and associated heat transferExpand
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The law of large numbers for fuzzy numbers with unbounded supports
  • D. Hong, P. I. Ro
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Fuzzy Sets Syst.
  • 1 December 2000
We study laws of large numbers for mutually T-related fuzzy numbers with unbounded supports where T is an Archimedean t-norm and generalize earlier result of Badard. Expand
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Feasibility of using ultrasonic flexural waves as a cooling mechanism
The potential convective heat transfer capability of an ultrasonic flexural wave (UFW) is experimentally investigated. Expand
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Model Reference Adaptive Control of Dual-Mode Micro/Macro Dynamics of Ball Screws for Nanometer Motion
A desire to improve the positioning accuracy of ball screws prompted an investigation into the dynamics of nanometer motion. Characterization of the ball screw indicated that nanometer motion isExpand
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Reduced-order modelling and parameter estimation for a quarter-car suspension system
Abstract This paper presents a new approach to obtaining an accurate simple model for complex mechanical systems. The methodology is applied to a quarter-car suspension system with complex linkageExpand
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An Accurate Full Car Ride Model Using Model Reducing Techniques
In this study, an approach to obtain an accurate yet simple model for full-vehicle ride analysis is proposed. The approach involves linearization of a full car MBD (multibody dynamics) model toExpand
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Effect of the suspension structure on equivalent suspension parameters
Abstract This paper examines the uncertainties in modelling a real suspension system that are due to the effect of suspension linkage layout (or structure) on the equivalent suspension parameters ofExpand
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Piezoelectric resonating structures for microelectronic cooling
The design of piezoelectric resonating structures was investigated for generating acoustic streaming which may be used for cooling microelectronic components. The vibration characteristics ofExpand
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Magnetic servo levitation by sliding-mode control of nonaffine systems with algebraic input invertibility
This paper describes a nonlinear controller design technique for MSL that has inherent robustness to both parametric uncertainties and unmodeled dynamics. Expand
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