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Information capacity and power control in single-cell multiuser communications
  • R. Knopp, P. Humblet
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings IEEE International Conference on…
  • 18 June 1995
We consider a power control scheme for maximizing the information capacity of the uplink in single-cell multiuser communications with frequency-flat fading, under the assumption that the usersExpand
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A Distributed Algorithm for Minimum-Weight Spanning Trees
Abstract : A distributed algorithm is presented that constructs the minimum weight spanning tree in a connected undirected graph with distinct edge weights. A processor exists at each node of theExpand
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On the bit error rate of lightwave systems with optical amplifiers
The problem of evaluating the performances of communication systems with optical amplifiers and a wideband optical filter is addressed. Exact probability of error expressions for optical signals inExpand
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On coding for block fading channels
This work considers the achievable performance for coded systems adapted to a multipath block-fading channel model. This is a particularly useful model for analyzing mobile-radio systems which employExpand
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Models of Blocking Probability in All-Optical Networks with and Without Wavelength Changers
We introduce a traffic model for circuit switched all-optical networks (AONs) which we then use to calculate the blocking probability along a path for networks with and without wavelength changers.Expand
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A Distributed Algorithm for Minimum Weight Directed Spanning Trees
  • P. Humblet
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Commun.
  • 1 June 1983
A distributed algorithm is presented for constructing minimum weight directed spanning trees (arborescences), each with a distinct root node, in a strongly connected directed graph. A processorExpand
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A Class of Efficient Contention Resolution Algorithms for Multiple Access Channels
A discrete time multiaccess channel is considered where the outcome of a transmission is either "idle," "success," or "collision," depending on the number of users transmitting simultaneously.Expand
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Amplifier induced crosstalk in multichannel optical networks
The effect of crosstalk introduced due to gain saturation in an optical amplifier when it is used for amplifying multiple channels in a wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) network employing ON-OFFExpand
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The capacity region of the totally asynchronous multiple-access channel
It is shown that the capacity region of the asynchronous multiple-access channel differs from that of the synchronous channel only by the lack of a convex hull operation.
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