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Mass spectrometric identification of the thermal decomposition products of N-(p-toluenesulfonyl)-N'-(aza-bicyclo-(3.3.0.) octyl) urea (S-852).
A study was made on the thermal decomposition products of S-852 by means of the mass spectrometric technique to identify the degradation products separated on a 3% OV-17 glass column. Expand
Exact dynamics of a bistable chemical reaction model
Dynamics of the chemical reaction model introduced by Fichthorn et al (1989) is discussed along the lines of the authors previous work. They find that the steady-state reaction rate is reached as 1/tExpand
Band tailing in heavily doped semiconductors. Scattering and impurity-concentration-fluctuation effects
Using a self-consistent multiple-scattering method, we estimate the relative importance of both effects of scattering and of impurity-concentration fluctuations on band states in heavily dopedExpand
Current Oscillations in GaAs under Acoustic Amplification Conditions. II. Calculation of the Threshold Field
In the preceding paper1 , experimental investigations of current oscillations in GaAs are reported. In this paper the conditions of occurrence of a current instability is discussed in the limits ofExpand