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Down the Asphalt Path: The Automobile and the American City
Imagine a world without automobiles, traffic lights, and interstate highways. Or the words commuter and parking. For a nation that prides itself on the freedom of movement and the long weekend, thisExpand
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Global Communications since 1844: Geopolitics and Technology
In World Trade since 1431, Peter Hugill showed how the interplay of technology and geography guided the evolution of the modern global capitalistic system. Now, in the successor to that widelyExpand
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Geopolitics and Empire: the Legacy of Halford Mackinder, Gerry Kearns. Oxford University Press, New York (2009), xiv + 344 pp.; bibliog., index. US $100.00 (cloth), ISBN: 9780199230112
List of Figures and Tables Introduction: A Return to Empire 1. Geopolitics and Empire 2. An Imperial Subject 3. Making Space for Darwin 4. Manly Endeavours 5. Theorising Imperialism 6. TeachingExpand
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A GIS-based spatial analysis on neighborhood effects and voter turn-out:: a case study in College Station, Texas
Abstract This paper examines individual voter turn-out and its putative relationship with voting outcomes at the voting precinct level. Via a GIS-based address matching procedure, we were able toExpand
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Re-Reading Cultural Geography
The geography of culture has held a sustained attraction for some of the most distinguished and promising geographers of the twentieth century. These notable voices have now been brought together toExpand
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Good Roads and the Automobile in the United States 1880-1929
HE widespread adoption of the automobile by Americans in the early decades of the twentieth century resulted from the development of a major technical and socioeconomic complex during the lateExpand
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Structural changes in the core regions of the world-economy, 1830–1945
As Britain lost global hegemony in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, first two, then three powers competed for her position. Each power followed a different path toward hegemonicExpand
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World Trade Since 1431: Geography, Technology, and Capitalism
Equipped with reliable maps and instruments for open-ocean navigation and highly seaworthy, three-masted, cannon-armed ships, Portugal dominated the Atlantic trade routes-until the diffusion ofExpand
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