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The Long Non-Coding RNA MIR503HG Enhances Proliferation of Human ALK-Negative Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma
Findings support a potential role for MIR503HG in cancer cell proliferation through the miR-503/Smurf2/TGFBR axis and indicate that MIR 503HG is a potential marker in ALK-negative ALCL. Expand
Thyroid hormone inhibits growth of hepatoma cells through induction of miR-214
It is demonstrated that T3 induces miR-214-3p expression and suppresses cell proliferation through PIM-1, thus contributing to the inhibition of HCC tumor formation. Expand
Dysregulated FAM215A Stimulates LAMP2 Expression to Confer Drug-Resistant and Malignant in Human Liver Cancer
It is shown for the first time that FAM215A is overexpressed in HCC, and its expression level correlates with tumor size, vascular invasion, and pathology stage, and it interacts with and stabilizes LAMP2 to increase tumor progression while decreasing doxorubicin sensitivity. Expand
Roles of Thyroid Hormone-Associated microRNAs Affecting Oxidative Stress in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma
The effects of thyroid hormone on oxidative stress-related miRNAs that potentially have a positive or negative impact on liver cancer are discussed and supporting evidence from clinical and animal experiments is provided. Expand
Cryogen spray cooling in conjunction with pulse dye laser treatment of port wine stains of the head and neck.
Clinical studies demonstrate the feasibility of selective epidermal cooling while achieving photothermolysis of blood vessels during pulsed dye laser treatment of PWS. Expand
Functional roles of non-coding RNAs regulated by thyroid hormones in liver cancer
Various aspects of the research on the thyroid hormones modulated ncRNAs to affect the functions of human liver cells are discussed. Expand
Abstract 847: Overexpression of long noncoding RNA FAM promotes cancer invasion and drug resistance in human liver cancer
  • P. Huang, K. Lin
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  • Molecular and Cellular Biology / Genetics
  • 1 July 2019
Overexpression of long noncoding RNA FAM promotes cancer invasion and drug resistance in human liver cancer [abstract] and may play an oncogenic role during hepato-carcinogenesis. Expand