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Ten-dimensional supergravity constraints from the pure spinor formalism for the superstring
Abstract It has recently been shown that the ten-dimensional superstring can be quantized using the BRST operator Q =∮ λ α d α , where λ α is a pure spinor satisfying λγ m λ =0 and d α is theExpand
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On harmonic superspace
A short survey of some aspects of harmonic superspace is given. In particular, the $d=3, N=8$ scalar supermultiplet and the $d=6, N=(2,0)$ tensor multiplet are described as analytic superfields inExpand
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Supergravity in superspace
Abstract A comprehensive discussion of the formulation of supergravity theories in superspace is presented. After reviewing the general formalism and the linearized theory, we exhibit a completeExpand
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Superstrings in D=10 from supermembranes in D=11
Abstract The type IIA superstring in ten dimensions is derived from the supermembrane in eleven dimensions by a simultaneous dimensional reduction of the world volume and the spacetime.
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New supergravities with central charges and Killing spinors in 2+1 dimensions
Abstract We construct a new class of ( p , q )-extended Poincare supergravity theories in 2+1 dimensions as Chern-Simons theories of supersymmetry algebras with both central and automorphism charges.Expand
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The Self-Dual String Soliton
We obtain a BPS soliton of the M-theory fivebrane's equations of motion representing a supersymmetric self-dual string. The resulting solution is then dimensionally reduced and used to obtain 0-braneExpand
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Multicritical points in two dimensions, the renormalization group and the ϵ expansion
Abstract We calculate, using the ϵ expansion, the critical exponents for the two-dimensional potential φ2n. It is found that the results at lowest perturbative order are not in agreement with whatExpand
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The Complete N=2, D=10 Supergravity
The alternative N = 2, d = 10 supergravity, which is not derivable by dimensional reduction from the N = 1, d = 11 theory, is constructed at the full non-linear level. The transformation laws of theExpand
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Covariant field equations of the M theory five-brane
Abstract The component form of the equations of motion for the 5-brane in eleven dimensions is derived from the superspace equations. These equations are fully covariant in six dimensions. It isExpand
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Supersymmetry in six dimensions
Abstract We present off-shell formulations of six-dimensional supersymmetric matter and gauge theories in superspace. We construct the maximally supersymmetric YM theory in terms of d = 6Expand
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