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The Cultural Politics of the Paralympic Movement: Through an Anthropological Lens
1. Athlete as Anthropologist, Anthropologist as Athlete Part 1: Sport and Disability 2. A Social History of Sport for the Disabled 3. Paralympic 'Lived History': Reflections of a Participant ObserverExpand
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Predictors of public climate change awareness and risk perception around the world
A survey of 119 countries shows that education is the strongest predictor of climate change awareness around the world. The results suggest that improving understanding of local impacts is vital forExpand
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Geographic variation in opinions on climate change at state and local scales in the USA
Action on climate change requires public support. A study of public opinion in the United States reveals substantial variation across the nation.
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From Inside the Newsroom
It has long been understood that the media has the power to shape the representation of social issues and effectively manage the understanding that the public has of the world. Control of informationExpand
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Cyborg and Supercrip: The Paralympics Technology and the (Dis)empowerment of Disabled Athletes
Over the last two decades the Paralympic Games have gained a high public profile. As a result there has been an ever increasing commercial marketplace for aerodynamic and feather light racingExpand
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Global Warming’s Six Americas in September 2012
Margin of error: +/-3 percentage points at the 95% confidence level for the full sample. NOTE: All results show percentages among all respondents, unless otherwise labeled. Totals may occasionallyExpand
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The tail is wagging the dog
The rules and regulations regarding the classification process through which athletes must be vetted to determine eligibility for Paralympic competition have been transformed drastically over theExpand
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Classification of Disabled Athletes: (Dis)Empowering the Paralympic Practice Community
In recent years the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the institution responsible for the administration, organization, and management of the Paralympic Games, has reshaped the landscape ofExpand
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Who remembers a hot summer or a cold winter? The asymmetric effect of beliefs about global warming on perceptions of local climate conditions in the U.S.
Abstract This paper explores the phenomenon of local climate perception and the extent to which public perceptions match climate conditions as recorded in instrumental climate data. We furtherExpand
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The Distribution of Climate Change Public Opinion in Canada
While climate scientists have developed high resolution data sets on the distribution of climate risks, we still lack comparable data on the local distribution of public climate change opinions. ThisExpand
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