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Responses of Chaparral and Oak Woodland Plant Communities to Fuel-Reduction Thinning in Southwestern Oregon
Abstract Fire suppression has led to large fuel accumulations in many regions of the United States. In response to concerns about associated wildfire hazards, land managers in the western UnitedExpand
Bird community composition after mechanical mastication fuel treatments in southwest Oregon oak woodland and chaparral
To evaluate ecological effects of vegetation management in southwest Oregon oak woodlands and chaparral, we compared bird abundance and vegetation structure at four untreated stands and four standsExpand
Vegetation Change from the Euro-American Settlement Era to the Present in Relation to Environment and Disturbance in Southwest Oregon
Abstract Faced with landscapes degraded by fire suppression, logging, and grazing, land managers in the interior western US are attempting to restore habitat structure and function. In southwestExpand
Influence of grazing on sand field vegetation in the Negev Desert
Abstract The effects on vegetation structure and composition from differing grazing intensities by flocks of Beduin sheep and goats were studied in the sandy regions of the Northern Negev Desert.Expand
Using conservation plans and bird monitoring to evaluate ecological effects of management: An example with fuels reduction activities in southwest Oregon
Increasingly, regional conservation plans are using information about how animals respond to changes in habitat characteristics to provide guidelines for management. However, the ability of theseExpand
Vegetation Change Following the Forest Reserve Homestead Act of 1906 in the Applegate River Watershed, Oregon
Abstract Vegetation structure, composition, and community patterns on the landscape of southwest Oregon have changed since Euro-American settlement began in the mid-1800s. Much of this change hasExpand
Assessing the Relative Utility of Models of Vegetation Dynamics for the Management of Sagebrush Steppe Rangelands
Assessing the Relative Utility of Models of Vegetation Dynamics for the Management of Sagebrush Steppe Rangelands Major Professor: Dr. Neil E. West Department: Range Science by Paul E. Hosten, DoctorExpand
Habitat and Landscape Distribution of Calochortus greenei S. Watson (Liliaceae) Across the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Southwest Oregon
The Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument includes a wide range of slope, elevation, soil types, and historic management activities. Calochortus greenei occupies a wide range of habitats primarilyExpand