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Modeling bug report quality
Software developers spend a significant portion of their resources handling user-submitted bug reports. For software that is widely deployed, the number of bug reports typically outstrips theExpand
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HAMPI: a solver for string constraints
Many automatic testing, analysis, and verification techniques for programs can be effectively reduced to a constraint generation phase followed by a constraint-solving phase. This separation ofExpand
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Moving Fast with Software Verification
For organisations like Facebook, high quality software is important. However, the pace of change and increasing complexity of modern code makes it difficult to produce error-free software. AvailableExpand
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Urban Form and Job Access: Disparate Realities in the Randstad
Deconcentration of employment is the driving force behind the rise of the complex urban forms of the polycentric city and the polynucleated metropolis. It is often assumed that the deconcentrationExpand
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Symbolic finite state transducers: algorithms and applications
Finite automata and finite transducers are used in a wide range of applications in software engineering, from regular expressions to specification languages. We extend these classic objects withExpand
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Fast and Precise Sanitizer Analysis with BEK
Web applications often use special string-manipulating sanitizers on untrusted user data, but it is difficult to reason manually about the behavior of these functions, leading to errors. For example,Expand
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Local Underemployment and the Discouraged Worker Effect
The effect of poor local labour market opportunities on occupational achievement is an important aspect of the spatial mismatch hypothesis. Much of the research has concentrated on the direct linkExpand
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The association between neighbourhoods and educational achievement, a systematic review and meta-analysis
AbstractMany studies have examined the effects of neighbourhoods on educational outcomes. The results of these studies are often conflicting, even if the same independent variables (such as poverty,Expand
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A decision procedure for subset constraints over regular languages
Reasoning about string variables, in particular program inputs, is an important aspect of many program analyses and testing frameworks. Program inputs invariably arrive as strings, and are oftenExpand
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