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The Quantum Theory of Motion: An Account of the de Broglie-Bohm Causal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
1. Quantum mechanics and its interpretation 2. Hamilton-Jacobi theory 3. Elements of the quantum theory of motion 4. Simple applications 5. Interference and tunnelling 6. The classical limit 7.Expand
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The Quantum Theory of Motion
A lubrication and sealing system for the cylinder head of an internal combustion engine having a sleeve valve mounted for rotation therein, said sleeve valve having intake slots therethrough whichExpand
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A Role for the Subthalamic Nucleus in Response Inhibition during Conflict
The subthalamic nucleus (STN) is a key node in the network that supports response inhibition. It is suggested that the STN rapidly inhibits basal ganglia activity, to pause motor output duringExpand
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The role of the subthalamic nucleus in response inhibition: Evidence from local field potential recordings in the human subthalamic nucleus
We recorded local field potential activity from the STN of Parkinson's disease patients with implanted deep brain stimulation electrodes during a stop-signal task. Expand
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Amount of training affects associatively-activated event representation
  • P. Holland
  • Psychology, Medicine
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  • 5 April 1998
The effects of variations in the amount of training on behavioral plasticity were examined in three experiments that used appetitive Pavlovian conditioning procedures with rats. In experiments 1 andExpand
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The psychological contract of knowledge workers
We explore whether the concept of psychological contracts underpinned by relational/transactional exchanges provides an adequate description of knowledge workers' contracts. Expand
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From Local to Global SDI initiatives: a pyramid of building blocks
There is a strong hierarchical relationship among different political/administrative levels of SDI concepts. Based on this hierarchical relationship a pyramid of building blocks can be formed byExpand
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The de Broglie-Bohm theory of motion and quantum field theory
Abstract De Broglie and Bohm successfully showed how the statistical phenomena of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics could be understood as the outcome of individually well defined processes in whichExpand
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