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The Mind and its Stories: Narrative Universals and Human Emotion
Introduction: studying narrative, studying emotion 1. Literary universals 2. Emotion and suggestion: lexical processes in literary experience 3. Four hypotheses on emotion and narrative 4. WritingExpand
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Cognitive Science, Literature, and the Arts : A Guide for Humanists
Introduction. The Dustheap of History: Why Cognitive Science Now? Chapter 1. My Favorite Things: Thinking Jazz Chapter 2. Is It Cognitive Science Yet? (Some Basic Principles) Chapter 3. The Author:Expand
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Cognitive science, literature, and the arts
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Parallel processing and the human mind: Re-understanding consciousness with James Joyce's Ulysses
Abstract Research on neural models for cognition suggests that thought is far from a simply serial process. Nonetheless, there has been relatively little work on which parameters govern just whatExpand
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Affective Narratology: The Emotional Structure of Stories
Introduction: A Passion for Plot: Story as Feeling One. Before Stories: Emotional Time and Anna Karenina Two. Stories and Works: From Ancient Egypt to Post-Modernism Three. Universal NarrativeExpand
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Stylistics, emotion and neuroscience
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Fictions and Feelings: On the Place of Literature in the Study of Emotion
Explanatory accounts of emotion require, among other things, theoretically tractable representations of emotional experience. Common methods for producing such representations have well-knownExpand
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