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Foreign genes and novel hydrophilic protein genes participate in the desiccation response of the bdelloid rotifer Adineta ricciae
SUMMARY Bdelloid rotifers are aquatic micro-invertebrates with the ability to survive extreme desiccation, or anhydrobiosis, at any life stage. To gain insight into the molecular mechanisms used byExpand
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On the Ultrastructural Localization of Hemicelluloses within Delignified Tracheids of Spruce
Tylosoids were found in the radial and longitudinal resin canals in the heartwood of all species (Figs. 4—8). The tylosoids were very irregulär in occurrence and in sectioned material were found inExpand
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Electron microscopic characterization of cell wall degradation of the 400,000-year-old wooden Schöningen spears
The cell wall degradation of 400,000-year-old wooden spears, excavated in 1994 at the Schöningen brown-coal opencast mine (100 km east of Hannover/Germany), was examined by transmission electronExpand
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