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Beyond Observational Cinema
Principles of visual anthropology
This edition contains 27 articles, written by scholars and filmmakers who are generally acknowledged as the international authorities in the field, and a new preface by the editor. The book coversExpand
The Visual Culture Reader
The Visual Culture Reader: Amazon.co.uk: Mirzoeff ... Visual Culture: The Reader Google Books The Visual Culture Reader 3rd Edition Nicholas ... The Visual Culture Reader Google Books The VisualExpand
Where Is the Theory in Visual Anthropology?
Is there a real theoretical underpinning for visual anthropology? Or are we just borrowing theoretical concepts, as needed, from other disciplines? Here eight visual anthropologists offer theirExpand
Blue Mountains: The Ethnography and Biogeography of a South Indian Region
You may not be perplexed to enjoy every books collections blue mountains the ethnography and biogeography of a south indian region that we will agreed offer. It is not just about the costs. It's justExpand