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Jet-Launching Structure Resolved Near the Supermassive Black Hole in M87
Radio interferometry observations of the elliptical galaxy M87 are reported that spatially resolve the base of the jet in this source, suggesting that the M87 jet is powered by an accretion disk in a prograde orbit around a spinning black hole.
A high-resolution image of atomic hydrogen in the M81 group of galaxies
A map of atomic hydrogen in the nearest interacting group of galaxies (that dominated by M81), obtained by combining 12 separate fields observed with the Very Large Array, which should have detected all H I complexes more massive than 106 solar masses.
We present high-resolution (0.''3 = 16 AU), high signal-to-noise ratio Submillimeter Array observations of the 870 {mu}m (345 GHz) continuum and CO J = 3 - 2 line emission from the protoplanetary
Gas Infall Toward Sgr A* from the Clumpy Circumnuclear Disk
We present the first large-scale mosaic performed with the Submillimeter Array in the Galactic center. We have produced a 25 pointing mosaic, covering a ~2' × 2' area around Sgr A*. We have detected
Submillimeter Array Imaging of the CO(3-2) Line and 860 μm Continuum of Arp 220: Tracing the Spatial Distribution of Luminosity
We used the Submillimeter Array (SMA) to image 860 μm continuum and CO(3-2) line emission in the ultraluminous merging galaxy Arp 220, achieving a resolution of 0.23'' (80 pc) for the continuum and
The Dynamics of Molecular Material within 15 Parsecs of the Galactic Center
We report the results of a five-field mosaic of the central 15 pc of the Galaxy in the (1, 1) and (2, 2) lines of NH3. Two narrow filaments or streamers are seen running parallel to the Galactic
Cosmology from cosmic shear power spectra with Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam first-year data
We measure cosmic weak lensing shear power spectra with the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) survey first-year shear catalog covering 137 deg2 of the sky. Thanks to the high effective galaxy number
A Detection of [C II] Line Emission in the z = 4.7 QSO BR 1202–0725
We present ~3'' resolution imaging of the z = 4.7 QSO BR 1202-0725 at 900 μm from the Submillimeter Array. The two submillimeter continuum components are clearly resolved from each other, and the
Interferometric Imaging of IRAS 04368+2557 in the L1527 Molecular Cloud Core: A Dynamically Infalling Envelope with Rotation
We report new interferometric observations of IRAS 04368)2557 (L1527) in 13CO (J \ 1¨0), C18O (J \ 1¨0), and 2.7 mm continuum emission using the Nobeyama Millimeter Array. The continuum map shows a