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M2 to D2 revisited
We present two derivations of the multiple D2 action from the multiple M2-brane model proposed by Bagger-Lambert and Gustavsson. The first one is to start from Lie 3-algebra associated with given
M5-brane in three-form flux and multiple M2-branes
We investigate the Bagger-Lambert-Gustavsson model associated with the Nambu-Poisson algebra as a theory describing a single M5-brane. We argue that the model is a gauge theory associated with the
M5 from M2
Recently an action based on Lie 3-algebras was proposed to describe M2-branes. We study the case of infinite dimensional Lie 3-algebras based on the Nambu-Poisson structure of three dimensional
Poisson Algebra of Differential Forms
We give a natural definition of a Poisson differential algebra. Consistency conditions are formulated in geometrical terms. It is found that one can often locally put the Poisson structure on the
Lie 3-Algebra and Multiple M2-branes
Motivated by the recent proposal of an N = 8 supersymmetric action for multiple M2-branes, we study the Lie 3-algebra in detail. In particular, we focus on the fundamental identity and the relation