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A model for the thermal and chemical evolution of the Moon's interior: implications for the onset of mare volcanism
Crystallization of the lunar magma ocean creates a chemically stratified Moon consisting of an anorthositic crust and magma ocean cumulates overlying the primitive lunar interior. Within the magmaExpand
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Thermal and Magmatic Evolution of the Moon
As with all science, our continually developing concepts of lunar evolution are firmly tied to both new types of observations and the integration of these observations to the known pool of data. ThisExpand
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Possible formation of ancient crust on Mars through magma ocean processes
[1] Models for Martian magma oceans of varying depths predict that decompression mantle melting, perhaps forming Mars' earliest crust, could occur during gravitationally driven solid-state overturnExpand
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The last lavas erupted during the main phase of the Siberian flood volcanic province: results from experimental petrology
The final lavas of the Siberian flood basalts are a ∼1,000 m thick section of meimechites, high-alkali, high-titanium, hydrous lavas that contrast sharply with the tholeiites that precede them. ThisExpand
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Geology and petrology of enormous volumes of impact melt on the Moon: A case study of the Orientale basin impact melt sea
Abstract Lunar basin-forming impacts produce enormous volumes (>10 5  km 3 ) of impact melt. All known basin-forming impacts combined may produce ∼10 8  km 3 of impact melt, ∼1/20th the volume of theExpand
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Partition coefficients of Nb and Ta between rutile and anhydrous haplogranite melts
Abstract Partition coefficients (D) for Nb and Ta between rutile and haplogranite melts in the K2O-Al2O3-SiO2 system have been measured as functions of the K2O/Al2O3 ratio, the concentrations ofExpand
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Volcanism and volatile recycling on a one-plate planet: Applications to Venus
[1] The surface of Venus displays volcanic features indicating eruption of lavas with a wide range of viscosities. We present numerical experiments showing that lithospheric gravitationalExpand
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Lanthanides in silicate glasses: A vibrational spectroscopic study
Parallel- and perpendicular-polarized Raman and KBr pellet transmission IR spectra of quenched 10K2O-50SiO2-nR2O3 (R = La, Gd, Yb; n = 0, 1, 5, 10 mol) glasses are presented. Increasing lanthanideExpand
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Redox equilibria and the structural role of iron in alumino-silicate melts
The relationship between the redox ratio Fe+2/(Fe+2+Fe+3) and the K2O/(K2O + Al2O3) ratio (K2O*) were experimentally investigated in silicate melts with 78 mol% SiO2 in the systemExpand
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