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Foredunes and blowouts: initiation, geomorphology and dynamics
This paper reviews the initiation, dynamics, geomorphology and evolution of incipient foredunes, established foredunes, and blowouts. Incipient foredunes may be initiated in a variety of ways leadingExpand
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Wave, beach and dune interactions in southeastern Australia
Abstract A morphodynamic classification of surfzones, beaches and dunes of the microtidal, low- to high-energy southeast Australian coast is presented. The first section (A: Waves and beaches)Expand
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Estuaries to salt lakes: Holocene transformation of the estuarine ecosystems of south-western Australia
When the estuaries of south-western Australia were first flooded by the Holocene marine transgression about 7000 years before present (BP), most were enclosed by limestone barrier dunes. Coastal sandExpand
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Ecological processes and plant adaptations on coastal dunes
This paper examines the stresses on coastal plants and plant adaptations imposed in the coastal dune environment. The coastal dune ecosystem experiences severe stresses in the form of salt spray,Expand
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Aeolian sediment transport on a beach: Surface moisture, wind fetch, and mean transport
Abstract Temporal and spatial changes in wind speed, wind direction, and moisture content are ubiquitous across sandy coastal beaches. Often these factors interact in unknown ways to createExpand
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The formation of shadow dunes
ABSTRACT An investigation of the modification of airflow by a discrete, semi-circular roughness element (in this case, vegetation), the resulting flow structure, and the formation of pyramidal-shapedExpand
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A First Tentative Holocene Sea-Level Curve for Singapore
A Holocene sea level curve for Singapore is presented. Radiocarbon dating of a variety of shell, wood, peat and coral material is utilised to derive the curve. Most of the dated material comes from aExpand
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A review of biological and geomorphological processes involved in the initiation and development of incipient foredunes
The evolution, ecological processes, aerodynamics, and morphology of incipient or new foredunes on the upper beach is reviewed. Four types of incipient foredunes may be distinguished, namely: type 1,Expand
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Multiple origins of linear dunes on Earth and Titan
The formation of dunes is controlled by the direction of the prevailing winds and the characteristics of the sediments. Linear dunes in the Qaidam Basin, China, are shown to form from cohesiveExpand
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The effects of surface moisture on aeolian sediment transport threshold and mass flux on a beach
This paper presents results from a study designed to explore the effects of beach surface moisture and fetch effects on the threshold of movement, intensity of sand transport by wind and mass flux.Expand
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