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The proposed data protection Regulation replacing Directive 95/46/EC: A sound system for the protection of individuals
This paper shall focus at the replacement of the EU Data Protection Directive by the draft General Data Protection Regulation, with the aim of highlighting its treatment of basic data protection principles and elements in order to identify merits and shortcomings for the general data protection purposes. Expand
Legal safeguards for privacy and data protection in ambient intelligence
Various outstanding issues regarding the legal framework that still need to be resolved in order to deal with AmI in an equitable and efficacious way are identified and several privacy-specific safeguards aimed at overcoming them are proposed. Expand
The right to data portability in the GDPR: Towards user-centric interoperability of digital services
The aim of this article is to propose a first systematic interpretation of this new right, by suggesting a pragmatic and extensive approach, particularly taking advantage as much as possible of the interrelationship that this new legal provision can have with regard to the Digital Single Market and the fundamental rights of digital users. Expand
The new General Data Protection Regulation: Still a sound system for the protection of individuals?
Now that the General Data Protection Regulation's final provisions are at hand it is possible to present differences with the first draft prepared by the Commission, to discuss the issues raised through its law-making passage over the past few years, and to attempt to assess the effectiveness of its final provisions in relation to their declared purposes. Expand
Introduction to Privacy Impact Assessment
If privacy is a cornerstone of democracy,1 then democracy is in trouble. Especially since the advent of the computer, the encroachments on privacy have proliferated. Terrorist attacks in the earlyExpand
Senior citizens and the ethics of e-inclusion
The ageing society poses significant challenges to Europe’s economy and society. In coming to grips with these issues, we must be aware of their ethical dimensions. Values are the heart of theExpand
Privacy, trust and policy-making: Challenges and responses
The authors contend that the emerging ubiquitous Information Society (aka ambient intelligence, pervasive computing, ubiquitous networking and so on) will raise many privacy and trust issues that are context dependent and that the authors are probably entering an era that will require development of “micro-policies”. Expand
A Human Rights Perspective on Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessments
This contribution looks at the concept of privacy impact assessments (PIA) from a human rights viewpoint within the European context. It explores the possibilities and limits of PIA by identifyingExpand
Data Protection in the Case Law of Strasbourg and Luxemburg: Constitutionalisation in Action
Seemingly, the history of data protection is a success story culminating in the recognition of data protection as a separate fundamental right in the 2000 EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. This paperExpand