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Coronary and precoronary care.
An automated medical history system. Experience of the Lahey Clinic Foundation with computer-processed medical histories.
A mailed questionnaire that can be batch-processed by computer can maintain the editing, formatting, summarizing, and data storage advantages of on-line systems at a lower expense. More than 40,000Expand
Clinical Significance of Ventricular Premature Beats in an Outpatient Population
The mortality of all outpatients who had ventricular premature beats (VPB) during a routine electrocardiogram (ECG) taken at the Lahey Clinic in 1967 was compared to that of a carefully selectedExpand
Hematocrit and prognosis in patients with acute myocardial infarction.
It has been noted that, at least on a statistical basis, all of the fall in mean hematocrit values which occurred during the first three hospital days could be attributed to diagnostic phlebotomy rather than to previously suspected plasma volume alterations. Expand
Histologic changes in continuous, long-term electrical stimulation of a peripheral nerve.
The results indicated that no histologic alterations could be attributed specifically to electrical stimulation, as contrasted to mechanical trauma, to the phrenic nerve. Expand
The medical history question as a health screening test. An assessment of validity.
In a comparison of results for individual questions, the queries on Dyspnea occurring after climbing one flight of stairs and chest pain appear to be better screening tests than corresponding questions on exertional dyspnea and substernal pain. Expand
Medical diagnosis: the role of a brief, open-ended medical history questionnaire.
  • P. Hershberg
  • Medicine
  • Journal of medical education
  • 1 April 1969
Prevention and treatment of sudden cardiac death.