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Bienenhaltung in der Schweiz.
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Fungal artillery of zombie flies: infectious spore dispersal using a soft water cannon
Dead sporulating female fly cadavers infected by the house fly-pathogenic fungus Entomophthora muscae are attractive to healthy male flies, which by their physical inspection may mechanically triggerExpand
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Statistical modelling of conidial discharge of entomophthoralean fungi using a newly discovered Pandora species
Entomophthoralean fungi are insect pathogenic fungi and are characterized by their active discharge of infective conidia that infect insects. Our aim was to study the effects of temperature on theExpand
Foodborne bacteria in raw drone brood of Apis mellifera – a preliminary survey
Drone brood of Apis mellifera is often removed from the beehive to control the honeybee parasite Varroa destructor. Instead of discarding the drone brood, it could rather be used as a new food sour...
L'intervention internationale au nom des droits de l'homme: L'autorité de l'approche finaliste
L'intervention internationale au nom des droits de l'homme, impliquant l'emploi unilateral de la force d'un Etat dans la juridiction d'un autre Etat, peut-elle etre admise au regard du droitExpand