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Imaging of the painful lower limb stump.
Several postoperative complications associated with pain may develop in the stump of an amputated lower limb. Clinical findings are often nonspecific; however, radiologic evaluation, especially withExpand
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Current multiplanar imaging of the stapes.
PURPOSE CT analysis of the stapes is difficult in the axial plane (AP), because of its oblique orientation. Oblique axial reformations could provide a more precise analysis of the stapes in normalExpand
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Tumor response assessment by MRI following stereotactic body radiation therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma
Background To evaluate the MRI features of a tumor response, local control, and predictive factors of local control after stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for hepatocellular carcinomaExpand
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Endoscopic surgery reveals that woodworkers' adenocarcinomas originate in the olfactory cleft.
The olfactory cleft is a narrow chamber located under the cribriform plate and between the turbinate wall of the ethmoidal labyrinth and the corresponding nasal septum. Nasal adenocarcinomas areExpand
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Dynamic maneuvers in local staging of head and neck malignancies with current imaging techniques: principles and clinical applications.
Imaging has been widely demonstrated to be important in local staging of head and neck malignancies as a complement to clinical examination, including endoscopy. Recent developments in multidetectorExpand
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But : comparer l'acquisition helicoidale a l'angio-IRM dans le bilan preoperatoire des anevrismes de l'aorte abdominale (AAA). Materiel et methodes : 20 patients porteurs d'un AAA ont beneficie d'uneExpand
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[About a presacral myelolipoma].
Les lésions rétropéritonéales mixtes graisseuses et tissulaires font suspecter des lésions malignes de type liposarcome. Cela nécessite la réalisation de microbiopsies percutanées après passage enExpand
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Proposition de sélection et délimitation des volumes cibles microscopiques péritumoraux dans les cancers de la cavité buccale et de l'oropharynx (aires ganglionnaires exclues)Propositions for the
Resume Cet article propose le concept de la selectivite des zones peritumorales microscopiques a traiter de principe dans les carcinomes epidermoides de la cavite buccale et de l'oropharynx en seExpand
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Breast microcalcifications: the lesions in anatomical pathology.
Microcalcifications are actually indirect signs of pathological processes, and only a few of these processes may be correctly correlated to the morphologic pattern of calcifications. This is true ofExpand
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Bursitis, adventitious bursa, localized soft-tissue inflammation, and bone marrow edema in tibial stumps: the contribution of magnetic resonance imaging to the diagnosis and management of mechanical
OBJECTIVE To assess the contribution of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of tibial stump bursitis, in the establishment of differential diagnosis, and in the therapeutic managementExpand
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