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The early time course of smoking withdrawal effects
These findings provide the first evidence of the early time course of smoking withdrawal symptoms, although further research is needed to distinguish withdrawal from drug offset effects.
Classic psychedelic use is associated with reduced psychological distress and suicidality in the United States adult population
It is indicated thatclassic psychedelics may hold promise in the prevention of suicide, supporting the view that classic psychedelics’ most highly restricted legal status should be reconsidered to facilitate scientific study, and suggesting that more extensive clinical research with classic psychedelic is warranted.
Motivational interviewing for smoking cessation: a meta-analytic review.
A comprehensive meta-analysis of MI for smoking cessation suggests that MI significantly outperformed comparison conditions at long-term follow-up points, and several subgroups of studies had significant combined effect sizes, pointing to potentially promising applications of MI.
Awe: a putative mechanism underlying the effects of classic psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy
  • P. Hendricks
  • Psychology
    International review of psychiatry
  • 4 July 2018
It is suggested that classic psychedelic-occasioned mystical experience is characterized by profound awe, a discrete emotion experienced in the presence of a vast stimulus requiring accommodation of mental structures.
Psilocybin, psychological distress, and suicidality
The objectives of the current research were to extend the analysis of Hendricks et al. (2015) by evaluating the associations of lifetime psilocybin use, per se, with past month psychological distress, past month suicidal thinking, past year suicidal planning, and past year suicide attempt in the United States adult population.
Electronic cigarette awareness, use history, and expected future use among hospitalized cigarette smokers.
Rates of awareness and use of e-cigarettes may be elevated among hospitalized smokers, with more use reported among those who were White, younger, more educated, in a relationship, and exposed to e-cigarette advertising.
Electronic cigarettes in adults in outpatient substance use treatment: Awareness, perceptions, use, and reasons for use.
E-cigarette use in adults seeking substance use treatment appears higher than it is in the US general population of smokers, and the high frequency of use may be due to curiosity/experimentation or attempts to quit or reduce smoking.