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Human–animal interactions in livestock production
Abstract Research in a number of livestock industries has shown that interactions between stockpeople and their animals can limit the productivity and welfare of these animals. While many of theseExpand
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Human-Livestock Interactions: The Stockperson and the Productivity and Welfare of Intensively Farmed Animals
The ethics of animal farming - implications for the stockperson human-animal interactions and the productivity and welfare of farm animals the stockperson as a professional - skills, knowledge andExpand
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Relationships between human-animal interactions and productivity of commercial dairy cows.
This study examined the relationships between a number of stockperson and cow variables at 66 commercial dairy farms. Variables such as the attitudes and behavior of stockpeople toward their cows andExpand
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A review of the welfare issues for sows and piglets in relation to housing
This review of sow welfare addresses all aspects of housing for adult female pigs, including the issue of piglet welfare during lactation. It puts the issue of sow welfare in perspective by brieflyExpand
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A survey of dog ownership in suburban Australia—conditions and behaviour problems
There has been an increasing emphasis in Australia on confining dogs to owner’s properties (household backyards) as a solution to problems of dog aggression. Therefore, there is a need to determineExpand
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The effects of immuno- and surgical-castration on the behaviour and consequently growth of group-housed, male finisher pigs
An experiment was conducted to compare behaviour, in particular social and feeding behaviour, and consequently growth performance of group-housed entire and castrated male pigs during the finisherExpand
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The welfare of gestating sows in conventional stalls and large groups on deep litter
Confinement of breeding sows and gilts is a controversial welfare issue in livestock production and there is worldwide interest in finding alternative housing systems for gestating pigs. This studyExpand
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The influence of three handling treatments on the behaviour, reproduction and free corticosteroid concentrations was studied in 15 male and 30 female pigs. Two handling treatments, considered asExpand
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The effects of handling by humans at calving and during milking on the behaviour and milk cortisol concentrations of primiparous dairy cows
This study examined the effects of human presence at the time of calving of primiparous cows, and the behaviour of the stockperson during milking on the behaviour of the cows during milking and inExpand
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The effects of cognitive behavioral intervention on the attitude and behavior of stockpersons and the behavior and productivity of commercial dairy cows.
Two experiments, one involving 29 commercial farms and the other involving 94 commercial farms, were conducted to examine the effects of a training program targeting a number of attitudinal andExpand
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