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Moving the State: The Politics of Democratic Decentralization in Kerala, South Africa, and Porto Alegre
  • P. Heller
  • Political Science, Economics
  • 1 March 2001
Over the past decade, a large number of developing countries have made the transition from authoritarian rule to democracy. The rebirth of civil societies, the achievement of new freedoms andExpand
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Race and Regionalism in the Politics of Taxation in Brazil and South Africa
  • P. Heller
  • Political Science
  • Perspectives on Politics
  • 1 December 2004
Race and Regionalism in the Politics of Taxation in Brazil and South Africa. By Evan S. Lieberman. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003. 344p. $75.00 cloth, $24.99 paper. Evan Lieberman hasExpand
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Building Local Democracy: Evaluating the Impact of Decentralization in Kerala, India
Summary. — Historically, local rural governments in India have enjoyed very limited powers and citizens have been afforded very few opportunities to shape local development. In 1996, the stateExpand
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Degrees of Democracy: Some Comparative Lessons from India
This article draws on the case of India to address the question of democratization by exploring the dynamic interplay of the formal, effective, and substantive dimensions of democracy. Fifty-threeExpand
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Social capital as a product of class mobilization and state intervention: Industrial workers in Kerala, India
Abstract This paper argues that state intervention and class mobilization in the state of Kerala, India, have produced two forms of social capital. Kerala's high level of social development andExpand
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Democratic Deepening in India and South Africa
This article examines the trajectories of democratization in India and South Africa. Both democracies are exemplary cases of democratic consolidation but face critical challenges in deepeningExpand
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The Labor of Development: Workers and the Transformation of Capitalism in Kerala
Apparatus for dispensing fluent material and for interrupting the flow thereof. The apparatus includes a selectively operated gate which is adjustable to control the flow of material while anExpand
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ABSTRACT This article uses an analysis of the rise of India's New Middle Class (NMC) to develop a class analytics of democratic politics in India. The article locates the politics of India'sExpand
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Taking Tilly south: durable inequalities, democratic contestation, and citizenship in the Southern Metropolis
Drawing on Charles Tilly’s work on inequality, democracy and cities, we explore the local level dynamics of democratization across urban settings in India, South Africa, and Brazil. In all threeExpand
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